doings at 680, 1510?

Bob Nelson
Tue Aug 7 03:47:53 EDT 2012

You're both right. Yes, they could put on some liberal talkers. But
can they sell it? They couldn't even really sell Rush et al at 1200.
Worth a try or what?

They got rid of two local host salaries, Katz and Severin. They just
paid $14 million
for an FM in Lynn (which might turn out to be a computer-run station
that can print some money) but they make cuts elsewhere. Now they get
an automated conservative talker, it seems.

As of right now as mentioned above, they are using the station to
clear shows like
Beck and Hannity. What else does Premiere have? Randi Rhodes. Jesse
Jackson (weekly?)

But yes most are conservative shows. Now CC gets to put Rush and C2C back on
a station with a better signal in some ways. Rush leads in to Howie.

As for talk hosts, one could easily say of hosts like Terri Gross on
NPR: "Just the world needs--liberal talk hosts over and over on
station after station". Of course apples and oranges comparison here,
commercial vs. non-commercial.

Should they put libtalk on? Yes, if they can sell it. (Again CC wants
to clear their shows, and they put two biggies on RKO and the rest on
1200) RKO did used to run Steph's
old show...CC apparently figures they can get those two biggies on RKO
and hopefully clear the ads on the 1200 with the rest of the lineup.

We'll see if they change their minds. Also consider that talk radio
often works best as
a counter-punch to those in this very blue part of the
country, the likes
of Howie (and Jerry before him, an "anti-statist") served as a check
and balance,
but Donna I do know what you mean.

I was almost wondering if CC was going to try to place shows like
Hannity on 1510,
but they may just keep the 1200 around to do that...

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 2:43 AM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
> Donna -
> The problem is still - CAN YOU SELL IT???????

>> Just what the world needs-- the same conservative talkers, over and over,
>> on station after station.  No offense to my conservative friends (and yes I
>> do have some), but what would the harm be to let a couple of high-profile
>> leftie talkers be heard?

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