WCEA-DT:58-45 Boston On The Air

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Tue Aug 7 02:33:44 EDT 2012

The problem for me with rescanning the set is that
I have scanned in slots for stations from R.I. (6, 
10, 12, 64) and one from Cape Cod (58) that I don't 
normally receive, but that I got scanned in during 
a particularly strong "tropospheric ducting" night.

Those stations don't normally come in where I am in
Somerville with an indoor antenna, but when they do,
the presets are there for them.

If I rescan for a new station, I lose those presets,
unless I could do it on an equally strong "ducting" 
night, but I haven't seen one lately where all those
stations have been coming in at the same time again.


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