Alex Langer grabs WFNX call sign

Mon Aug 6 08:50:25 EDT 2012

That should be Coral SPRINGS FL. Coral Gables and Coral Springs are both in
the Miami market but Langer's 1120 station will be second adjacent to one of
Miami's 50-kW (5 kW-N) AMs, WQBA on 1140. The 1120 station will be
directional to the north by day from a site that is, apparently, northwest
of Miami. I don't know much about the Miami metro, but I imagine that there
is some ethnic group that is clustered north of Coral Springs and Langer's
station will be targeting it. Based on the 1140 call-sign, I doubt that the
new WFNX will target Cubans, though. Maybe a different Hispanic group.

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> Fybush's column says Langer wants WFNX for his CP of an 1120 in Coral
> Gables, FL (speculation on messageboards ranges from
> "who in the world wants to put an AM on these days?" to "probably
> brokered time".)....Parking...?

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