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CHTN probably moved to 720 in the early '80s--after the Rio treaty took effect. The treaty broke down the ex I-A channels and opened them up to new Class B AMs in the US and other North American countries. Before it moved to 720, CHTN had been on 1190 for, IIRC, several decades. 1190 was a Class I-B channel even before WOWO gave up its I-B status.

An interestng thing happened on 720 in New England after CHTN moved to FM: Bob Vinikoor was granted a CP for a station that was to run 50 kW-D in a town in the Connecticut River Valley in central NH. The nighttime power of this station was originally to be 2500W using a six-tower array. But interference to a 720 station in either Greenland or Iceland forced a power reduction to 670W. The NH station was never built and Vinikoor ultimately turned in the CP. But what made no sense to me was that the Greenland or Iceland station would have received much more interference from CHTN when it was operating than it ever would have gotten from the NH station, even had it run the originally planned 2500W at night.

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  Until about 10 years ago there was a 720 on PEI, Canada.  I think the power was 10KW IIRC.

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  > According to my 1963 edition of "White's Radio Log" (which I've had since I 
  > was 13 years old), there was only one station in the USA on 720 and 1200;  
  > WGN and WOAI.   Not even any daytimers on those freqs.
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