R.I.P Steve Fredericks

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 19:27:06 EDT 2012

Steve left WMEX/WITS and went back to WEEI when they started 'Sports Final'
at 10 PM but he was back in Philly for good by 1978.
He was replaced at WITS by Glenn Ordway.

He did Harvard football in 1975 on WMEX.

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 1:46 PM, Karen McTrotsky

> He was the "other" play by play announcer the night Havlicek stole the
> ball. Was working for WCAU. Would say "It sounded a lot different from
> Johnny Most."
> He left WCAU for  WMEX where Mac Richmond christened him Steve Fredericks.
> But Mac claimed ownership of the name (even though Frederick was Oxman's
> middle name),. but as he did when he sued Jerry Williams over a noncompete,
> Richmond Bros. lost that one.
>  After doing mostly issues talk at the Big X (sports on Friday nights with
> his  in-season "Pat's Pick 'em contest), he went to back to CBS with  WEEI
> which was getting killed by Mainella.  He worked a split at EEI, nights he
> first did sports on the "all news PM report," then was off from 7 -7:20 for
> Lowell Thomas and then Pat Summerall and then did 7:20 to 9 as Sportsline
> 59 before coming back at 5:30 a.m.  for the All News AM report.  EEI pushed
> its talent a lot then, Len Lawrence anchored the all news morning block,
> then did a talk show; at night Jim Westover did the same thing after being
> lured here along with PD Dominic Quinn from KDKA in '64 when WEEI
> intensified its news and talk offerings.
> He was replaced at WMEX by the last Dan Donovan, who worked elsewhere under
> what I presume to be his real name, but I can't remember it only that  he
> wasn't one of  better known Dan Donovans (Johnny Dark, Art "Kevin O'Keefe"
> McTague or Blaine Harvey) so I'm not sure who it really was.
> Ironically, Fredericks ended up back at Richmond Bros. outlet in 1975 when
> they were talking more and playing records less (Roy Fox in AM drive, for
> example), and stayed into the WITS/Mariner Communications era when he
> wisely left that sinking ship.
> I've seen some references to Fredericks going back to WEEI and doing
> political talk after leaving WITS, or to leaving WMEX and going back to
> Philly then going to WITS, but by then WEEI was all news except for the
> overnights, and I thought Fredericks stayed through the WMEX to WITS
> transition so either my memory is completely wrong or someone is confused.

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