WEEI slashes Ordway's salary in half

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 09:48:25 EDT 2011


I notice that  Jeff Brown seems to have become the Entercom point person in
Boston instead of Julie Kahn as he was also the person quoted when EEI made
the move to FM.

I wonder what the big hangup is on changing the call letters?

A good friend of mine who works at ESPN tells me that a deal has been struck
between Entercom and Disney to make 850 ESPN-Boston full
time and it will happen in the next month. This would partly explain why
ESPN Magazine just hit the stands with an all Boston edition.

These are not good times at the New Balance Building. Entercom was counting
on a long Red Sox playoff run and that suddenly is in doubt and the Celtics
season may well be cancelled because of a work stoppage.

A personal observation. I was surprised at how strong 93.7 was south of
Boston in places like Bridgewater.

How will PPM report WEEI-FM? I notice that in Detroit WXYT-FM and AM are
listed separately in the book even though CBS does a full simulcast.

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