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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 11:57:35 EDT 2011

I did hear the mention of the logo on the Green Monster and the Red
Sox are def. thrilled with the move.

Suppose it's 2016; Entercom's contract is to expire, and Red Sox
flagship is 850. No local FM presence.
Red Sox are presented with offers by Entercom and CBS, similar money,
maybe even slightly more
offered by CBS. CBS has a power FM sports talker as a flagship. Do the
Sox choose CBS or go with
the guys who have a lousy AM signal for a flagship? Yeah, we'll keep
Entercom, with a signal that
misses  many people. Don't you love the whistle and the whine in the
background..the static during
thunderstorms..the directional signal... (I'm sure at that point
Entercom would have told the Sox,
we can put you on an FM in Boston, to help them with their decision...)

Many people from NH said they could pick up 93.7 just fine which I
don't doubt. One text message I
did kinda doubt was from E. Longmeadow..."FM sounds great". Well,
maybe they were listening
to them on 105.5 but could someone there pick up 93.7 from the Peabody
stick? Wouldn't they get
WZMX  Hartford on 93.7 instead? The question was "how do the Sox sound
on FM", maybe not necessarily "how do they sound on 93.7". What was
interesting was they made it sound like Sox were on FM
for the first time, anywhere. In metro Boston, with 93.7, yes, but
just about all of the WEEI network
stations have been running Sox on FM for some time now. (I don't know
if those were in mono and
93.7 now has stereo or not...)

I had suggested awhile back that maybe they could keep the Mike format
and simply run Sox games.
They may have figured it would be kind of schizophrenic; that Mike
listeners would be upset at
having these 4 hour interruptions of the music.

WEEI should have done this back in 05 or 06, easily (came in great at
my workplace last night).
Or how about this: what was the date of Sports Hub debut, Aug. 13 of
2009 I think? The news
was out several weeks before the switch. Entercom could have scooped
them. "WEEI on FM,
93.7...starts August 8!"


On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 10:31 AM, Shawn Mamros <mamros@mit.edu> wrote:
>>> Caught the Sox pregame show in the car tonight. John Rish was encouraging
>>> anyone listening on 850 to switch to 93.7. They also had Larry Lucchino on
>>> to congratulate them and he called it Mike FM!
>>If they're going to change the call letters, why keep calling it Mike FM?
> Probably just a slip of the tongue on Larry's part.  Wouldn't it be
> ironic if Larry had been a Mike FM listener?  (Of course, even if
> he were, I'm sure he'd still be glad to give it up in order for the Sox
> to be on FM...)
> -Shawn

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