Life's Little Ironies (was: WEEI-FM 93.7)

Doug Drown
Tue Sep 13 11:24:55 EDT 2011

Entercom's WEEI-FM, 93.5 . . . Of course, that's not the ORIGINAL 
WEEI-FM, which is now WODS-FM, which is owned by CBS, which owns WBZ-FM 
98.5, which was originally WRKO-FM, owned by RKO General along with 
WRKO, which is owned by Entercom.  WBZ-FM is, of course, not to be 
confused with the ORIGINAL WBZ-FM 106.7, now WMJX, owned by Greater 
Media, which also owns WROR, whose call letters were assigned to 98.5 
when it was RKO General decided to change them from WRKO-FM. 

Everyone clear on that?  ;-)       -Doug

On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 10:57:03 -0400, Bob Nelson  wrote:
Interesting--never knew they had been on 93.7. What I remember is the 
days of The Rock Garden followed by Blue Suede Radio (they used to air 
it over the loudspeakers of the now defunct Bldg 19 in Lynn where I 
worked in the
>  early 80s). That was interesting that the Sox helped Curt in that way. 
>  I wonder if WBOQ will be forced to drop Sox games next year what 
> with the 93.7 carrying games? Or will Entercom
>  keep them on, pocketing affiliation fee. I'd think all of the North 
> Shore can get 93.7 just fine. (And by the way when Ent. mentioned the 
> various areas that can pick up 93.7, they said things like "Merrimack 
> Valley" but not North
>  Shore--as in, from Winthrop to Ipswich, Nahant to Danvers, Beverly 
> to Gloucester, and slightly inland areas
>  like Reading, Wakefield, etc. Definitely include "North Shore"...)
>  Jim Cutler's promos on 93.7 say "93.7 WEEI on FM." I don't know when 
> the WEEI-FM calls take effect but no
>  doubt he says it this way because saying WEEI-FM would constitute a 
> legal ID. 
>  I did hear a bit of Jason Smith, ESPN all night...uptempo delivery, 
> humor, sports highlights etc. Some are saying not everyone would be 
> into ESPN talk shows, but certainly if Entercom doesn't want local 
> talk past midnight, ESPN
>  is not bad to run. 
>  Many people who were Mike FM fans are on facebook complaining about 
> the change; "we don't need another
>  sports station". Actually it's a simulcast of one that already 
> exists. I suppose they could hope Entercom might
>  put Mike on 97.7 but I doubt that'll happen despite Mike making 
> money for them. (But as Dennis Miller would say, "That's just my 
> opinion--hey, I could be wrong"). They need 97.7 to relay WAAF, which 
> makes them money. If
>  Ent. doesn't put Mike there you wonder if another company might 
> consider a Mike-like format, but whom?
>  (Prob. not Clear Channel who do fine with Kiss and Jam'n)
>  --Bob
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>  Tonight will mark the return of Red Sox games to 93.7 after over 40 
> years. The Sox put games there to help Curt Gowdy promote his new FM 
> station. 

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