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The WEZE/WTAG situation is not all that uncommon. Look at WMCA and
WFIL. Granted, the distance between them is more like 90 miles than 30
something but the soil conductivity in central New Jersey is way
better than that in the area we have now come to know and love as
MetroWest. Another similar situation (no longer exists) is 1150 in
Milwaukee (moved to 1130 maybe 50 years ago) and 1160 in Chicago. They
were first-adjacent for decades in an area of excellent soil
conductivity and the then-WJJD was 50 kW-D for much of that time. I
have not mentioned KYW/WEPN because I don't know whether that pair
being first adjaceent predates NARBA as do WTAG/WEZE and WMCA/WFIL.

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>Dan Strassberg wrote:>WRKO has a better signal than WEEI almost
>everywhere and is local in
>areas like southern NH and nearly all of Cape Cod that WEEI can only
>wish to cover. The only exception is in MetroWest at night, where the
>advantage goes to WEEI, but by less than a huge amount. Absolutely. I
>was surprised to see Scott's original comment. WRKO has the best
 Boston AM signal over much of the Cape, day and night. But, then
again, I was never all that impressed with the signal improvement over
most of the Arbitron region when they moved sports from 590 to 850 --
especially with Montreal on 850 back then. The main difference is that
590 is a total loss in Metro West day and night. From decades of
driving back and forth on the Mass Pike, IMO, neither WRKO nor WEEI
has a usable signal by a couple hours after sunset much west of the
eastbund rest area in Natick. Debating which station has a better
signal in Metro West at night is sort of like asking someone to choose
that bucket over there containing one quart of warm spit or that other
bucket containing one-quarter of a gallon of warm spit. Or . . . try
the third bucket, containing 32 ounces of warm spit -- and it's
available 24/7.
 :)) Meanwhile, this history major wonders how the heck WEZE / 590 and
WTAG, both on-air around the mid-20's, ended up on first-adjacent
channels, anyhow. That's always seemed ridiculous to me. Back when
frequency assignments were getting sorted out, IIRC, there were no
nearby stations on 550, 560 (Philadelphia was closest) or 620, and 600
was in Bridgeport.

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