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The way you've posed the question, an honest answer is impossible.
Even in the same market, it's impossible. For example, do you
honestlty believe that anyone could assign a single value to, say,
sports-talk WFAN and Radio Disney WQEW? Both are 50 kW-U Class A AMs
in the New York market. (Both even have transmitter sites east of
Manhattan--an uncommon location in that market.) I suspect that WFAN,
at 660, would fetch at least five times what WQEW, 900 kHz up the
dial, would fetch.

In this market, do you honestly believe that anyone could legitimately
assign a single value to WEEI and WWZN? Both are 50 kW-U DA-2 Class B
AMs. I think a 5:1 ratio for WEEI vs WWZN could easily apply.

OK, you qualified your question with "lower frequency," which WQEW and
WWZN obviously are not. You might be able to assign one value to WFAN
and WOR or to WEEI and WRKO. And almost certainly, the ratios would be
less than 5:1, but I wouldn't bet on 1:1; the ratios could still be
close to 2:1. Note that both WOR and WWZN are substantially (or
entirely) brokered time.

BTW, WOR's long-standing (many decades) reliance on brokered time
points the way toward what Entercom could run on WRKO and WEEI.

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> How much is a 50kW signal lower-frequency major market AM station
> worth?
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