WEEI-FM 93.7

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Sep 9 16:41:35 EDT 2011

By the way, the Sox could have been on a Boston-area FM in '05 or '06 (and note I say Boston, so I'm not talking about WBOQ or anything)

 2005: WODS _almost_ went to a Jack-like format. "Mike 93.7" beat them to it. Had WODS gone to Jack, Entercom may have just said, "well, maybe we can simulcast WEEI on 93.7..."

 April 2006: Papers like the Globe reported a "done deal" in which Greater Media would have sold much of WBOS 92.9
 to the Red Sox. The flagship would have been 92.9...imagine, WBOS would have been your home for the 2007
 World Champions. In May of '06, GM must have thrown in the towel, walked away. Entercom signed a 10 year deal (has since been extended?) with WRKO carrying most games, WEEI a few. Of course when Sports Hub debuted in August of 2009, Entercom quickly switched just about all Sox games to 850 only to shore them up as a sports station.
 (WRKO had occasional situations like Celts/Sox conflicts, from then)

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