Storm-aftermath quintcast

Martin Waters
Thu Sep 1 13:37:09 EDT 2011

     I don't collect recordings of legal ID's . . . but I was wishing I had a recorder with me in the car Monday night at 7. Five of the Cox stations along the coast of southwestern Connecticut, in New Haven and Fairfield counties, all were carrying the same storm info. and let's-take-phone-calls programming from WPLR-FM in New Haven. It also was on WEZN-FM, Bridgeport; WFOX-FM, Norwalk; WNLK (AM), Norwalk; and WSTC (AM), Stamford.        I can testify that the broadcast helped my life, :)), as I'm now and forevermore carrying a digital recorder in the car with me.     However, at least at that top-hour (the only one I heard), collectors would not have captured a legal ID.The host mentioned quite often the various stations, but no legal ID around 7. Even for WPLR, there was nothing close to one. WFOX was just "The Fox, 95-9," etc.  

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