Sports radio in the 1930s

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Was WAAB still licensed to Boston at the time of NARBA (3/29/1941)? Or
had it already moved to Worcester? My guess is that it did not move to
Worcester until 1943 or 1944. I believe that the FCC outlawed
duopolies in 1943 and, rather than lose the license, Sheppard moved
the station to Worcester at that time. Presumably, therefore, the
diplex with WNAC existed post NARBA. Oh, and the shared tower was
reportedly a Blaw-Knox diamond. Anyone have any details on it? Height?
(My guess is that the height was no greater than 350', which would
have been half-wave at 1400. That was likely WAAB's frequency
pre-NARBA.) I imagine that if a photo of the tower exists anywhere,
Donna either has the photo or knows of its whereabouts.

Would a 350' tower at that location have caused problems with Logan
Airport? Isn't that site in the glide path? The towers at WMKI's
current site, which is not very far from the old site, are only ~200',
give or take.

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> WNLC and WTHT are the only ones that no longer exist AFAIK.  WNLC
> was
> deleted some years back, and WTHT died in 1954 when the /Hartford
> Times/ got out of radio.  (Its 1230 kHz allocation was later
> reactivated for a station in Manchester.)  WAAB is now in Worcester
> as
> -GAWollman

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