Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 03:33:33 EDT 2011

The long overdue simulcast on/move to FM is accenting the FM signal
because they want people to think of them as an FM station in town,
just like their competition; the only time 850 gets mentioned is their
number (850850). They finally realized that for most people FM is a
great way to hear WEEI (though yes
there are places where the 850 might come in better) and as for the
ESPN 24/7 rumor, yes so far all we have seen is K. Vahey mentioning in
mid Sept. that according to a good friend who worked at ESPN, the AM
would go all-ESPN "sometime in the next month".

Indeed they may just be keeping the AM as is for the time being. I
thought maybe they would pick a certain date like Nov 1 to pull the
switch but who knows. We'll see how ratings and billings do. The Red
Sox had a monumental collapse but there has been interest in the
general manager and manager situation, etc. The other team they carry,
the Celtics, is in limbo along with the rest of the NBA due to the
lockout. Will they lose a whole season?

WEEI's local talk covers all 4 major local sports team though perhaps
they don't do much on the Bruins. As it is, they do have ESPN
overnight and some weekend slots and they have carried many ESPN
baseball playoff/World Series games.

The accent is definitely on FM...and in other cities where things like
this happen, the FM is accented. A good example is in Memphis where
Entercom has "ESPN 92.9/680" (and also Fox Sports via 790).
The logo accents the 92.9. No surprise.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Maureen Carney <m_carney@yahoo.com> wrote:
> It's still on 850 - I listen on AM in places where I can't get the FM in well.

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