Mac keith.perron@pcjmedia.com
Mon Oct 3 00:35:37 EDT 2011

Been reading everything that was here. There are some things that I wonder
are really needed today. First a station ID. Once an hour is fine, but when
I was last in the US I heard some stations that had IDs every fifteen mins.
Is there a point? Do people really care? Here stations use RDS (Radio Data
System) which just transmits the station to the display. If someone has an
older set then they get it on the hour. There is no need for a station to
keep identifying every 15mins.
Just like some stations I heard them give the weather every 15mins. Wait
please help me understand. Your giving the current weather 15mins?? This
also make no sence. When I was in Miami last summer, there was one station
doing this. All they kept saying its the current temp is ..... And the
weather is sunny bla bla bla. Ahh wait can I not look outside? They feel
that they are offering a service. What service. For myself I never listen to
to the radio for weather. If I want the weather I just use one of the apps
on my phone. Radio in the last 15 years has been going through a transition,
but it seems no one yet had got an idea what they are doing. First we saw
drops in audience from in the 90s when cable and DTH was having wider reach.
Then the internet and now phone apps.
Now at PCJ we only use station IDs and an interval only to notify our relays
when the program is to begin. The internal starts at 58:40min exactly,
transmitter on at 58:50 then at 59:35 frequency announcement 59:54 to 00:00
time signal. But all this is done only for technical reasons as a que to our
satellite feed, transmitter relays and to partner stations overseas. But
during the programs I think the only time we give out the name of the
station is during contact information. In the case of stations that relay
our programs on a delay, we encode the audio with date for RDS.
Do people really care about the station or the content? The station is only
a platform for delivery for content. Content is number one.


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