Legal IDs and shared-time stations

Garrett Wollman
Wed Oct 5 13:10:03 EDT 2011

<<On Wed, 5 Oct 2011 12:25:58 -0400, Mike Ward <> said:

> I'm also pretty sure that the FCC would NEVER approve the call letters
<> of "KFKU", for obvious reasons.

Why not?  They issued WFUC.  (As a sequential call, no less!)  It's
now WBAA-FM; apparently the Purdue administration didn't want the
students signing on with that call.  KFKU used to exist; it was the
now-deleted 1250 at the University of Kansas, and was a
single-transmitter share-time with WREN in Topeka.  (WREN was moved to
Kansas City and is now KYYS.)  See Richie Kennedy's Web site:


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