Legal IDs and shared-time stations

Doug Drown
Wed Oct 5 09:04:52 EDT 2011

No one has yet responded to my question as to how TV stations get away 
with not having top-of-the-hour IDs, even at their 6 and 11 
newscasts.   Last week, I saw WRGB seque right from one of its CBS 
programs into its 11:00 report, without so much as mentioning the 
station's name or location (which is given on its website as "CBS6 
Albany" even though it's been in Schenectady for 70-plus years).  Same 
with WBZ-TV. 

Isn't a TOH ID required by the FCC?    -Doug

On Wed, 5 Oct 2011 08:57:36 -0400, "Dan.Strassberg"  wrote:
Hi, Scott: Thanks! Doug Broda had informed me yesterday of the
> continued existence of the Chicago and Decorah pairs. Doug's message
> said not to reply to him because he rarely looks in the mailbox from
> which he sent the message. So I wrote the attached reply and took care
> to address it to the entire list. Alas, however, after I dispatched
> the message, I checked my own copy and discovered that, somewhere
> along the line, my instructions to send it to the list apparently
> disappeared, leaving the message to flow only to the mailbox that Doug
> almost never opens. Some of what I learned is interesting,
> particularly in view of KWLC's very limited operating hours. Unless
> the college that owns KWLC maintains or leases the 410' (186-degree)
> tower to also host an FM signal, the use of such a tall tower by a
> noncommercial Class C AM that is licensed to a small agricultural
> community and that operates only about 40 hours per week seems truly
> bizarre. In fact, KDEC's use of a 93-degree tower, which requires
> illumination, is also bizarre when a 199-foot tower would normally not
> require illumination and would provide coverage so close to that of
> the 205' tower that the difference would be essentially unmeasurable. 
> Anyhow, I received the calendar yesterday. Thanks. NICE JOB!!!
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> > On 10/3/2011 6:30 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> >> I believe that the US AM band has seen (heard?) the last of the
> >> shared-time stations. I think it left the air two or three years
> >> ago. 
> >> It shared time with WIBW Topeka KS, but I can't remember the calls
> >> (KFKU?). There are now one or two such on FM, however, including
> >> one
> >> four-way time-share that was authorized in the last year or two. 
> >
> > There are at least two remaining AM share-times that I know of. 
> >
> > In Chicago (technically, Cicero IL), 1450 is shared by WCEV
> > (multilingual ethnic, mostly Eastern European) and WRLL (Spanish). 
> > This is actually a relatively recent share-time, created in 1978
> > after then-WVON 1450 bought the better 1390 signal (ex-WGES, WNUS,
> > etc.) and surrendered the 1450 facility. WFMT, the commercial
> > classical station, became the interim licensee to keep the signal
> > alive, but a comparative hearing process eventually yielded two new
> > licensees for 1450. 
> >
> > And in little Decorah, Iowa, commercial KDEC shares 1240 with Luther
> > College's KWLC. KWLC operates from 10 PM-1 AM weeknights and all day
> > on weekends. KDEC apparently had a never-built CP to move to 1200 by
> > itself in the early 1980s. 
> >
> > s

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