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On 10/1/2011 8:11 PM, Martin Waters wrote:

>      I've heard instances of AM stations saying Wxxx and Wxxx-HD-1 and FM stations saying Wxxx and Wxxx-HD.
>      All this being said, the majority of stations that I've heard have adopted a format in which they say the call letters with each ID, i.e., "WTIC, WTIC-HD, Hartford," or, "WBZ, WBZ-HD, WBZ-FM-HD-3, Boston." I guess it gets more mumbo-jumboish when more than one set of calls and/or more than one COL are involved.

I suppose this is analogous to the IDs in the old days, where some 
stations said "Wxxx and Wxxx-FM" and others said "Wxxx AM and FM."

I've long wondered about the legality of the common WBZ ID years ago 
that went something like, "This is Radio 1030, WBZ-WBZA, AM and FM, 
Westinghouse for Boston and Springfield."  Of course there was no 
WBZA-FM at the time.

I noticed just how much times have changed.  Years ago, stations would 
emphasize the AM call letters and frequency, even where the FM call 
letters were different.  Often the FM call letters would be given only 
in the legal ID and the FM frequency almost never.  Now, WEEI is 
constantly saying WEEI-FM, completely ignoring that they still have an 
AM signal.

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