Mark Casey map@mapinternet.com
Sat Oct 1 14:13:08 EDT 2011

WAMC (COL Albany-tx from Mt. Greylock, Adams, MA) and it's network of many 
stations that are all on the hourly ID, are ID'ing today as WAMC HD, WAMQ 
HD, WAMK HD etc., (not WAMC *and* HD) I herad not one "FM" in the whole 
mess, only the WAMC AM ID was different format. The way the ID's were 
presented it's as if they are only an ID for the HD station and not for the 
analog FM station.  First time I've heard the ID's presented in this manner.
Got to wonder if that one's legal?
Mark Casey
Hampden, MA

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.From: "Garrett Wollman" <wollman@bimajority.org>
The legal ID regulations as they apply to HD were drafted so poorly
that nobody is exactly certain what they permit or don't.  So the FCC
probably couldn't enforce that part of the rule even if they wanted
and had the resources to do so.


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