UNS: Re: Pattern change sign-on/off times, etc....

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 23:06:55 EST 2011

Alot of stations have a PSRA or PSSA and it's only on paper at the
station and that's it.

If a stations PSRA or PSSA is lower then their night time power, they
can actually use their night time power.

Paul Walker

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:04 PM, Garrett Wollman
<wollman@bimajority.org> wrote:
> <<On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 18:44:07 -0800 (PST), "D. A." <donald_astelle@yahoo.com> said:
>> Does the FCC also have a page for each licensee that lists it's
>> assigned sign-on/sign-off times?
> Yes.  You have to go into CDBS, do an application search for the
> station, find the most recent application for a license (file number
> prefix "BL"), select the "Info" link, and then view the
> authorization.  This isn't possible for long-standing licenses.
> (WNTN, WDIS, and WFPB are in this category, but WILD was moved
> recently enough that the FCC has an electronic record.)
>> For instance, WILD here in Boston.
> Their regular schedule for this month is 6:30a-4:30p; next month it's
> 7:00a-4:15p.  Note that if a station is eligible for pre-sunrise or
> post-sunset authority, it will not necessarily be shown here.
> -GAWollman

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