News of interest re: WBZ, WRGB

Wed Nov 16 18:33:42 EST 2011

I think WPVI Philadelphia remains on Channel 6 but, unlike WRGB, not
by its own choice.

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Doug Drown wrote:
.....WRGB in Schenectady is being sold to Sinclair..... One hopes that
Sinclair, aware that
it will now own the oldest television station in the world, will
finally put to
rest the "CBS6 Albany" moniker and return to emphasizing the call
letters, as
CBS [finally] wisely did with "CBS4" WBZ-TV.   (My curmudgeonly
prejudice is
showing here.)      -Doug

I can out-curmudgeon that.  I'll bet they keep "CBS6" and change the
call letters!  What they SHOULD change is their RF channel as they are
one of the few (the only?) station still on Channel 6 (not counting
"Hot 97").  They'd be doing viewers a favor by decamping the Lo-V
band, but if they are truly the "horizontal axis of evil" they'll stay
put out of spite, just to prevent FM band expansion.

Now get off my lawn!

-- Schuyler

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