The sad, unwarranted decline of rock music on FM radio.

Wed Nov 16 14:59:29 EST 2011

Radio serves many purposes, but in the US, the one that occupies more
station-hours than any other is entertainment. If the little trompe
d'oreil that John described was entertaining and if it hurt nobody, it
was certainly in keeping with the entertainment theme. Why should it
even matter if it (successfully) deceived the listeners--as John
obviously intended it to do?

You can argue that "The War of the Worlds" on Orson Wells Mercury
Theater was inappropriate because it caused some harm (albeit, AFAIK,
no _lasting_ harm), but damned if it isn't still quite entertaining to
listen to 75 years after it first aired and a few hours less than 75
years after the "joke" was given away.

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>> I've even given some information on the air,  then a break later
>> mentioned
>> how such and such listener called in and corrected me and gave the
>> corrected info.  Both of those breaks prerecorded two days before.
>> It's all in how you present it.
> That's incredibly dishonest.
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