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Companion Radio was using at least 1 watt transmitters and were in trouble with 
the FCC over it. From what I was told, several nursing home systems around 
Boston were shut down 5-6 years ago because of  this. They are bound to the same 
Part 15 regs.


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If his station is audible for more than a few blocks he's a pirate. According to 
"(FM) unlicensed broadcasts are limited to a field strength of 250 µV/m at a 
distance of 3 meters from the antenna. This is equivalent to 0.01 microwatts"


Something like a drive in theatre broadcasting audio on FM; someone using a mini 
FM transmitter to rebroadcast an mp3 player or XM/Sirius to their car's FM 
radio; or a nursing home
using "Companion Radio" that reaches a few blocks (such as Blueberry Hill in 
or Brightview in Danvers) are permissible unlicensed. If you can pick up these 
stations within
a range of several miles, definitely pirates.

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Are 98.1 FM in Sandown, NH and 88.5 FM in Ipswich, MA Priates or Part 15
stations? The kid who claims he had nothing to do with 87.9 other then being
a DJ is running the stations and he MAKES it seem like hey have some oomph
and poer to them. He is apaprentl friends with whoever 87.9 The Beat in New
Hampshire is.

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