WBCN Transmitter

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Wed May 18 09:28:13 EDT 2011

Thanks, Scott and tcoco@whav.net.

Not sure who made Visual's transmitters.  Visual, like Ampex, tried to 
become a one stop shopping broadcast supplier, much like RCA. They were a 
marketer more than a manufacturer-cameras, transmitters, CGs, modular, Allen VTRs, 

Many of the staff were ex DuMont people.  I worked for the VP Engineering, 
Frank Flemming, while at NBC in the 70s-a gentleman.  Charlie SPicer was 
Frank was pushed out when NBC tanked in the early 80s, and had the big 
management shakeup under Fred Silverman.  All parts of the Company were touched, 
including engineering.

Seems like yesterday but it was many years ago.

J Ballard


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