Boston Phoenix Sells WFEX-FM To Owners Of WXEX

Peter Q. George
Tue May 10 16:05:43 EDT 2011

It's good to see that 92.1 will be somewhat local once again.  I hope the 1220 (the AM side) could be thrown in for good measure in the deal.  The 1220 has a rather nifty 1000 watt signal and covers the immediate Sanford/Springvale area in York County.  It even has 220 watts of nighttime power which is more than adequate to cover the area.  I'd hate to see another AM'er go dark for good.  This would be a good match for the FM to grab the AM and put schoolboy sports on it and maybe add a few Sunday morning "stuff" on it and keep the FM with regular format. Hey, nothing to lose and you could stream it as well.  I'd buy it....  if I were made of money. I think a 1000 watt xmtr could be had for next to nothing.  Oh well. IMHO.   

> reports that the
> Boston Phoenix has sold WFEX-FM (92.1 Sanford ME) to Andrew
> Hartmann, the owner of WXEX (1540 Exeter NH) for $1 million.
> It's also reported that WFEX (1220 Sanford) has been silent
> since last July and is not included in the sale. This leaves
> the Phoenix with the 92.1 in Peterborough NH along with
> WFNX. I wonder if Mr. Hartmann will simulcast the homegrown
> oldies format on WXEX or if he's planning on separate
> programming for 92.1? Maybe Hartmann can try to make a deal
> for 1220 and get it back on the air before the license is
> deleted in July.
> Mark Watson 

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