Does WMJX pay Dunkin Donuts to have station on?

Richard Chonak
Thu May 5 16:55:44 EDT 2011

On 05/05/2011 01:20 AM, Donna Halper wrote:
> On 5/4/2011 8:26 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> He has noticed that almost EVERY Dunkin Donunts in the Boston area 
>> that he
>> has been to ( and likewise for me ) has WMJX on 24 hours a day. In 
>> this day
>> of PPM's that doesn't hurt things - but I wonder if there is a deal 
>> in place
>> with Greater Media.
> That may be a factor, but it may also be that people in businesses 
> perceive WMJX as a good compromise, the way Beautiful Music used to be 
> the default choice for a station to have on at work-- WMJX is not too 
> loud nor harsh, and yet it has songs people would know.
A good observation!  I'm glad they don't leave the choice of music up to 
the staff.

It reminds me how the yoots running the local grocery store at night 
used to switch on a rock radio station in place of the regular 
commercial music service. It made the shopping experience less joyful 
than usual.


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