Hub ad revenue bouncing back

Bob DeMattia
Thu Mar 31 16:57:49 EDT 2011

> G is the symbol for "giga", which is the prefix that
> means "billion" -- news of which has apparently not yet reached the
> New York Post.

It drives me crazy when I see $500G, for what I guess means 500 "Grand".

Using 'B' for billion is understandable, and since 'B' isn't used as any
other multiplier, at least it's not confusing.

Lucky for us that "Terra" = 10 ^ 12  starts with the same letter as
Same goes for "Mega" and "Million",  financial community aside.

On a side note:  Wouldn't a "MegaMillions" lottery mean a game in which you
could win multiple trillions of dollars?
That would be nice.



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