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I've sent copies of suspected fraudulent e-mails to the corresponding
report-suspected-fraudulent-mail addresses at probably a dozen
companies over the last three or four years. You are lucky if you get
as much as an acknowledgment telling you not to reply to the
acknowledgment because nobody will read your reply. I have never dealt
with a company that appeared to pay any more than lip service to
combatting Web scams. Many companies do not even bother acknowledging
the reports. If some scammer costs a company a billion dollars, the
company is likely to wake up for maybe 90 days but then go back to
sleep. A scam would have to throw a company into Chapter 7 to cause
most companies to pay any more than fleeting attention to the problem.

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> As does Bank of America
> abuse@bankofamerica.com
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>> Paypal provides an address to which you can forward suspicious
>> messages (
>> spoof@paypal.com ).  I wish others would do this as well.
>> -Lou

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