Severin suspended again

Bob Nelson
Thu Mar 31 13:48:56 EDT 2011

WTKK host Jay Severin has been suspended again

Just yesterday I was looking at the facebook group for WTKK and people
were saying it was great that Jay was
back to hosting on his own (he'd had Mike Bowers on as a co-host for
awhile, an experiment?) but when I put
WTKK on briefly yesterday, Bowers was on. Greater isn't saying what
Jay had said or done that warranted such a
suspension but the Globe bit mentions Severin is paid a lot but has
had lackluster ratings. His contract is up in 2013.
His crosstown rival, Howie Carr, has a contract running till late
2012. Despite one Greater official discounting interest
in Carr, one wonders if perhaps maybe they'd consider grabbing him
after all when the Entercom contract ends.

In the meantime, more "Jay Severin Show Without Jay" at 96.9...anyone
have any idea why he's suspended THIS time?

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