Richard Chonak rac@gabrielmass.com
Wed Mar 30 21:15:34 EDT 2011

Yep: as Joe Ross observed, the spam-link below attempts to infect users' 
computers with a virus, and to steal your personal data.

Here's a computer security tip from a guy with 23 years of I.T. 
experience (me):

If your e-mail password consists of a dictionary word or a string of 
letters only, it's easy prey for the spammers' computers to figure out 
by trial and error.

You should change it to a password containing upper- and lower-case 
letters, and numerals, and punctuation marks.   It takes spammers much 
longer to crack something complex like that.

For example, "Channel-40-Minus-2" is a strong  password.


On 03/30/2011 05:58 AM, Rod OConnor wrote:
> http://darmaviaggi .it/azx1.html

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