70 years ago today...

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Mar 29 10:35:53 EDT 2011

Donna Halper wrote:
> At 10:11 AM 3/29/2011, Scott Fybush wrote:
>> WBZ 990 was no more. WHDH 830 ceased to exist. WROL 920? A thing of 
>> the past. WNAC was unavailable on 1230. WJAR left 890 for good.
> The newspapers headlined it "Radio Moving Day" and actually showed 
> diagrams of how to tune your radio to the new stations.  There were 
> push-button radios now, so you could set your buttons as well.  Oh boy. 

And of course there was no "WROL" in Boston back then...I meant to say WORL!

(The WROL calls were then on 620 in Knoxville.)


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