Anybody know who this clown is?

Karen McTrotsky
Fri Mar 18 17:22:40 EDT 2011

The woman is definitely not Judy Valentine (the former Mrs. Sherm Feller),
it is also not Miss Jean (Harrington) of the Boston Romper Room franchise.
One possibility is that it could  be one of the fringe market Romper Room
hosts or the woman who sat in for Miss Jean, but I'd say it looks more like
some kind of short-lived kids morning show on WHDH, which explains the
proximity to Bob Cottle. I don't think this is  a real group shot, given
that,  why is  Dick Kilbride posed with his arm on Bob Emery's head and why
is Ed McDonnell resting his elbow on Pablo's shoulder.  The woman, the clown
and Bob Cottle seems to be a single shot, cut and pasted in with the others.

If it's real it's no later than 1967 when Pablo died.   Bob Emery ended his
run on Clubhouse 4 the next year.

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