Blaw-Knox towers and Nashville

Bob DeMattia
Fri Mar 18 07:37:53 EDT 2011

> A sale, if it comes, is likely to be to a chain
> that has no presence in New England and views Friendly's as
> more-or-less compatible with their target demographics and style. Can
> anyone think of such a chain?

Probably something like a Perkins or a Shoney's would serve a similar
though I wouldn't advise rebranding the Friendly's name.  Better to
keep the original
names under the same parent, ala Stop & Shop / Giant .

You are right about VC's...they are solely driven by ROI.  My point
was, if the Friendly's
management could sell Sun on the theory that expansion would improve ROI,
Sun has the capital to do it.  However, clearly expansion won't do this.

Furthermore, Sun's strategy is to buy underperforming companies.  They then make
management changes to (hopefully) get the company on track and thus increase
the value of their investment.  Maybe they should buy WLNE.


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