Blaw-Knox towers and Nashville
Thu Mar 17 16:36:49 EDT 2011

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>And the adoption of the vertical radiator was by no means immediate; as late as 1947, there were still prominent network O&O 50 kW stations using T-type longwire radiators. (KPO/KNBC in >San Francisco may have been the last to convert; WEAF was also quite late in the game.) 

 When I was in the US Air Force, I was eventually stationed at McChord AFB near Tacoma, WA  after a stint in Spokane.  If I recall 
 correctly, I was just driving into Seattle for some reason other than to view any radio towers when I spotted the KXA-AM 770 
 longwire antenna atop a downtown office building.  KXA was just a 1,000-watt daytimer, but nonetheless it seemed to be a player 
 in the Seattle media market at the time.  I knew transmitting antennas of this nature existed, but I had never seen
 one in action, and I was amazed that the owners of KXA (1) hadn't applied for an FM outlet;  and (2) hadn't built out
 a standard-issue antenna system with at least one fairly tall vertical tower, and maybe even a directional-array to go to
 higher power (directional to protect KXL-750 down in Portland, Ore that boomed right on up to Tacoma at least.


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