Blaw-Knox towers and Nashville

Scott Fybush
Thu Mar 17 19:09:37 EDT 2011

Sean Smyth wrote:

> Until 10 or 12 years ago, there still was a Waffle House in either
> Wilmington or Tewksbury, off 93 or 495 (forget which). I'm guessing
> it was attached to the chain at the very least as a franchise, since
> it had the same logo.

Huh...THAT I don't recall at all, but I didn't spend much time up that 
way when I lived there.

> Sonic has finally broken around Boston, with locations in Peabody and
> Wilmington. The website lists a location in Wallingford, CT, too.

I wonder how they'll do. I don't think their northern ventures into 
Indiana or Ohio did well.
> As Scott says, real estate is a big reason for it, but I think it's
> slightly different from what Scott said: In addition to prime parcels
> having been taken, there also is the fact that real estate inside 495
> is expensive, and parcels generally are small. Those are some of the
> reasons why you don't see Sheetz or Wawa operating further north.

I suspect when we start talking gas stations, C-stores and supermarkets, 
there's another issue, too: given that limited amount of real estate, 
much of it is already owned by supermarket and gas companies that don't 
want any new competition.

I'm quite certain that's why it took so long for Rochester's beloved 
Wegmans to begin making inroads on New England - and look how far out of 
town they had to go to find the land they needed!

As for Blaine's mention of Quaker Steak, I don't think it's a 
test-market issue; I think Fort Wayne was simply a logical extension of 
their existing western-PA based marketing region that stretches from 
Buffalo into Ohio. I wouldn't be at all surprised (and would be quite 
pleased!) to see them in Rochester at some point, too.

(I'd take a 99, was amusing to see them, as well as Giant 
Glass, advertising on the outfield wall in Fort Myers, more than a 
thousand miles from either company's nearest location!)


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