Blaw-Knox towers and Nashville

Doug Drown
Thu Mar 17 11:24:33 EDT 2011

The WLW tower is the one seen on "WKRP in Cincinnati." It's immense. Back
in the '60s, when I saw it, it dominated the whole city skyline. Probably
still does. 

That said, the WSM tower exceeds WLW's in height. I've never personally
seen it. 

Blaw-Knox is still in active existence as a heavy equipment manufacturer. I
saw a fairly new Blaw-Knox bulldozer just a short time ago. It took 
me by surprise.  -Doug

Quoting Kevin Vahey <>:
> Being on a road trip with the Bruins I am doing the trifecta of Blaw-Knox
> towers - WBNS, WLW amd today WSM. 
> WBNS reminded me of WFEA and WLW was simply stunning and I expect WSM will
> feel the same. 
> I am curious on why so few were built given how radio engineers rave about
> their design. 
> I am not a big fan of county music ( 2 years of doing Clyde Joy at WMUR is a
> prime reason) but I am curious if there is anyplace in Nashville that is
> devoted to the broadcast history of WSM and I am failry certain hee Haw was
> taped here. 
> Any idead?

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