How does radio in 2011 deal with this?

Bob Nelson
Thu Mar 17 03:42:02 EDT 2011

Amazingly the unedited version of that got played on an Amer Top 40
rebroadcast a yr or two ago. It was an orig show from back in the 70s
and when the song got played the B.S. word was left in, not bleeped at
all! (Was re-broadcast on KOLA San Bernadino). I think it was the full
word, not just 'bull'....

One year the same "BS" word was left in the CBS broadcast of the movie
"Network"--I think there was a disclaimer. They said it was essential
to the plot somehow. Meanwhile, the movie presentation on CBS lost out
in the ratings to the series pilot for BJ and the Bear on NBC--a
countrified drama about a trucker and his pet chimpanzee...

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 3:43 PM, Mario Gonzalez Jr. <> wrote:
> I remember the song "Fight the Power" by the Isley brothers.  In the chorus, the line that had to be edited was "by all this bulls**t going down".  The version I heard on the radio had the word missing, but we all knew what it was.  They edited it to just say bull.

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