How does radio in 2011 deal with this?

Bob Nelson
Wed Mar 16 02:05:15 EDT 2011

Many years ago (and I know, this is books not radio) fantasy writer
Harlan Ellison had a book out about TV called The Glass Teat (haven't
read, but Stephen King once mentioned it). I guess Ellison argued "TV
doesn't suck, it _is_ sucked" as a baby does from its' mother's breast
(and yes, one could argue that the common nickname for television from
that era was
"the boob tube")

Other bits of substitute lyrics, etc.: WBUR used to have a kids show
out of NYC called
Kids America and they sometimes played novelty songs. Steve Martin's
hit "King Tut"
contains the line "he's my favorite honky". In their version they
substituted another
use of "did you do the monkey" (as in, a dance)

Charlie Daniels' "Devil Went Down to Georgia" substitutes "son of a
(gun)" for... (you know). Yet Elton John used that word in a song
title: The Bitch Is Back.

Steve Miller: "All that/ Funky kicks going down in the city". The
original lyric is the s-word
for "kicks"

A newspaper article some time ago about "the f word" argued that part
of its power is that it's taboo (often)--and they wondered if it would
be as "shocking" or "powerful" in a world where it was now considered

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