How does radio in 2011 deal with this?

Sid Schweiger
Tue Mar 15 13:36:30 EDT 2011

"The NY Times points out this morning that 3 of the Top 10 songs on Billboard
- radio stations can not play without having the FCC screaming.

We certainly have come a long way from George Carlins' seven magic words but as the younger generation continues to ignore radio in bigger numbers, what is the industry supposed to do?

The consumers have spoken...and pirate stations exploit this.

Will we see a day the FCC finally waves the white flag?"

Doubtful, especially since the Billboard charts reflect only a small percentage of what's on radio and TV.  As long as there are children in the audience, some controls will remain in place (and remember that "indecent" programming is currently permitted between 10PM and 6AM, local time).

Even those who operate without those controls...Howard Stern comes to mind...don't engage in endless strings of scatology.  It's just not good programming and it gets old very quickly.

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