CBS Radio finally kills JACK-FM in Chicago

Kevin Vahey
Sat Mar 12 14:58:24 EST 2011

I think it is fair to say that when CBS Radio in June of 2005 flipped both
WCBS-FM New York and WJMK Chicago from oldies to JACK-FM it became one of
the great blunders in modern radio history.

CBS righted the wrong in NY in only 2 years and today WCBS-FM is a ratings
monster in NY (#2 last PPM) but in Chicago they were stuck as ABC/Disney
(now Citadel) jumped on the CBS blunder and rebranded 94.7 WLS-FM and went
with a mix of Scott Shannon's True Oldies and local DJ's imported from WJMK.

It begs the question on why ABC didn't do the same thing with WPLJ
especially when you consider that is Shannon's home station. Rebranding as
WABC-FM and bringing back the 'ding' would have made listeners forget
WCBS-FM ever existed.

I suspect what saved WODS from becoming JACK-FM was that Entercom beat them
to it with MIKE-FM

Robert Feder gives the details

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