Tallest tower?

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As I said in a previous post, the WEEI towers are of unequal height. I
don't think any of the three is exactly 207 degrees. The CDBS record
for WEEI carries a note that the 207-degree height shown for all three
is the average. Within the last year or so, Entercom applied for a
modification of license to show the actual height of each of the the
towers. I thought that a license to cover had already been granted for
this modification, which involved no physical changes to anything. But
unless I looked at an out-of-date record, the license to cover has
not yet been granted.

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>> But i don't think WNBH-AM's entire tower is used for the AM?
> The FCC does.
>>> Good question.  According to CDBS, the tallest AM tower(s) by
>>> physical
>>> height in New England belong(s) to WEEI, at 198.1 m (649.9 ft).
>>> The
>>> tallest AM tower by electrical height in New England is WNBH's, at
>>> 243.8 degrees (2/3 wave or 497.3 ft).
> The "electrical height" in CDBS counts only the radiating element.
> (Top-loaded and sectionalized setups use a different database field,
> which is why KFBK doesn't show up with its full-wave towers.  The
> way
> CDBS stores these makes it hard to do a search that correctly
> handles
> all the special cases.)
> -GAWollman

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