Tallest tower?

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You are correct, sir! The top portion of the tower is skirted and
driven with a signal that nulls out the 1340-kHz current in the upper
section. I believe that the tower is electrically just shy of 180
degrees at 1340, IOW ~370'. Unfortunately, CDBS does not seem to
recognize that the AM antenna does not use the entire tower.

As for WEEI's towers, only one (the westernmost of the three) is 650
or 660' high. Actually, I thought it was 640'. I believe the center
tower is 600' and the eastern tower is 560'. The purpose of using
towers of different heights was to reduce the effect of interference
between the groundwave and the reflected skywave, an idea that was
also tried at a few other stations. (KSTP's three-tower night array is
one. KSTP uses a center-fed Franklin for its ND day operation.) In
WEEI's case, the attempt to minimize the effect of the reflected
skywave on the grounwave signal was not a success.

BTW, the tallest AM tower in the US after WRDT must be WNAX (Yankton
SD) at 910'. The WNAX tower must certainly be the tallest
self-supporting AM tower in the US.

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> But i don't think WNBH-AM's entire tower is used for the AM? So do
> we count
> an AM's unipole/skirt/similar system only or the entire tower,
> radiator for
> the AM or not?
> Paul
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>> > The thread on the WFEA and other Blaw-Knox towers got me to
>> > wondering: What is the tallest AM radio tower, or set of towers,
>> > in
>> > New England?  (Not that size is everything . . . [ahem]) -Doug
>> Good question.  According to CDBS, the tallest AM tower(s) by
>> physical
>> height in New England belong(s) to WEEI, at 198.1 m (649.9 ft).
>> The
>> tallest AM tower by electrical height in New England is WNBH's, at
>> 243.8 degrees (2/3 wave or 497.3 ft).
>> In the whole country, the winners are WRDT (560 Monroe, Mich.) at
>> 302.6 m (992.8 ft or 203.4 electrical degrees) and, jointly, KLSD
>> (1360 San Diego, Calif.) and WTTN (1580 Watertown, Wisc.) at 285.7
>> degrees (nearly 4/5 wave, 573 ft for KLSD and 494 ft for WTTN).
>> -GAWollman

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