Tallest tower?

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The WRDT tower is a Folded Unipole on a communications tower, known as
the Mo-Tower. I believe it is in Southfield MI, which abuts the
northern border of Detroit. WRDT, a Class D AM (daytimer), is licensed
to Monroe MI, 41 miles to the south (about midway between Detroit and
Toledo). WRDT uses the Mo-Tower only at night for its 13W-ND
unprotected night service. WRDT's day site, south of Monroe, runs 500W
into a four-tower array that sends a teardrop pattern
north-northeastward along the Lake Erie shoreline and delivers a
surprisingly good signal to Detroit. I find the most fascinating thing
about all this to be that the US's tallest (and almost surely North
America's tallest) AM tower is used only for the unprotected night
service of a daytimer. In all likelihood, despite the tower's high
radiation efficiency, the 13W night signal is inaudble 41 miles away
in WRDT's CoL.

I don't know if Scott or Garrett have ever photographed the Mo-Tower,
but I think it deserves to appear in Tower Site of the Week. I have no
idea what other broadcast services (FM or TV) originate from the
Mo-Tower. I also don't know what sort of ground system WRDT has
installed around the base of the Mo-Tower. If there are no buildings
within the circle that passes though the outer guy anchors, the ground
system could be quite extensive.

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> <<On Sat, 5 Mar 2011 23:23:20 -0500, I wrote:
>> In the whole country, the winners are WRDT (560 Monroe, Mich.) at
>> 302.6 m (992.8 ft or 203.4 electrical degrees) and, jointly, KLSD
>> (1360 San Diego, Calif.) and WTTN (1580 Watertown, Wisc.) at 285.7
>> degrees (nearly 4/5 wave, 573 ft for KLSD and 494 ft for WTTN).
> I should note that I did not make any effort to screen out
> non-current
> records (either applications or former facilities).  I did screen
> out
> stations which have never been built, because that was easy.
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