I Hope The WFEA-AM Towers Are Still Up

Doug Drown revdoug1@myfairpoint.net
Sat Mar 5 19:31:06 EST 2011

Is there a New Hampshire state historical marker on Route 3 in front of 
that tower, or am I dreaming? If there isn't, there ought to be; I 
would say the tower is certainly of historical significance.  It's 
pretty darned impressive, and widely known to broadcasting buffs. 

I saw the WLW tower once when I was a kid.  HUGE. 


Quoting lglavin@mail.com:
> High winds in southern New Hampshire have caused power outages in part of the
> Granite State. 
> As of noon today (Saturday, 02/19), WFEA 1370-AM  in Manchester, NH 
> seems to be
> off-the-air.  This
> would not normally be of interest to most people not associated with 
> ownership
> or management,
> except for the fact that its two-tower array is a relic of an earlier 
> period in
> broadcasting. One tower,
> shorter than the other is a flagpole design, sort of like the WLLH-AM 
> stick in
> Lawrence; the
> other, a taller diamond-shaped tower resembles the iconic WLW stick in
> Cincinnati.  It amazes
> me that Scott hasn't run a photo of the WFEA site in one of his 
> calendars. (He's run KTAR-AM
> 620 in Phoenix, AZ twice).  I hope the wind hasn't blown down either 
> or both of
> these towers;
> they've been around for a LONG time, so they've survived windstorms and even
> hurricanes before. 
> BTW:  if you go to radio-locator.com, enter WFEA;  switch the image 
> from map to
> satellite and
> ZOOM IN as close as you can, you can SEE the shadow of the diamond tower!

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