A special visitor to Gary's Ice Cream tonigh

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 23:24:17 EDT 2011

Anybody know how Mr. Oxman is doing in retirement?

Steve just was a Philly guy at heart..
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Actually, Chuck,  Raleigh is his real FIRST name.

He left the Richmond Bros. station for another in the market and Richmond
had his replacement call himself "Tiger Bob" Raleigh.  So our Bob used "The
Real" Bob Raleigh on WWDC.

Richmond never forgot a slight. When Steve Fredericks bolted the Big X for
WEEI, Richmond sued him claiming WMEX had the right to the name, since he
had been Steve Oxman in Philly when he was hired to do late nights at
WMEX.    Ironically when he went back to Philly he returned as Fredericks,
not Oxman, even though in his first Philadelphia iteration he was fairly
well known as the 76ers play-by-play guy (he had the "other" call of
Havlicek Stole The Ball).

Mac lost the suit, the same way he lost to Jerry Williams  when Wiliams came
back from Chicago to replace Bob Kennedy Contact after Kennedy had gone TO
Chicago to pursue his careers in talk radio and lawn mower starting.

Karen McTrotsky

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