leasing a station to the Chinese Government

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 15:26:39 EDT 2011

>I am still mystified by how Radio One is getting away with doing this-- 
> I mean, I understand it's capitalism and owners can do what they want, but 
> somehow leasing a Boston station (WILD) to the Chinese government seems 
> wrong somehow.  I guess the FCC no longer enforces "public interest" rules 
> anymore...

Isn't this what we in America call "Free Speech"?

If the licensee wants to enable Minister Farakhan, Pope John Paul, White 
Bulger, etc...to utilize his airwaves for a fee...who are we to judge the 
programming to be prohibitive?

Voice of America is on radio stations in foreign countries.

BBC is on domestic stations in foreign countries as well.

PS:  In the end, Radio One is still responsible for those airwave, if CRI 
should say anything incendiary.

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