Shortwave stations

Alexander Svirsky
Mon Jun 27 15:48:33 EDT 2011

I might have solved at least the Revere radio tower mystery.

Click on the "10-M-09-1935_Boston.png" image here:

It's a portion of the 1935 aeronautical chart of the Boston area. The  
early radio range beacons for pilots were square tower arrays. In this  
case, the Revere towers were for 266kHz.

Funny how the wires suddenly crossed for me while staring at the map.  
"It's a square." I'd been reading last week about early radio  
instruments for non-visual flight.

Back on topic, I was sure to include the part of the 1935 map that  
shows the WBZ Millis transmitter as a visual and radio aid for pilots.

Alexander Svirsky

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