Shortwave stations

Alexander Svirsky
Mon Jun 27 12:49:43 EDT 2011

> Speaking of old shortwave stations, when I was a kid, my orthodontist moved
> to Andover and I had to see him there. I remember that we would exit from
> I-93 at the Rte 125 exit. Right at the end of the ramp from 93, there was a
> building with a huge antenna array behind it. I would guess there were 25 or
> more towers with wires strung between them. I have always wondered what that
> was.

This puzzle needs to be solved. There were at least two large antenna  
arrays in the area that appear on mid-1960s USGS topos that don't seem  
to match up to anything broadcast-related. I've wondered about them  
for years. What were they?

I've cut-and-pasted pieces of 1960s USGS topos to illustrate the  
Wilmington towers referenced by Jim and an array in Revere just  
southeast of Suffolk Downs.

Go to this URL and click on the .png files with "radiotowers" in the  
title. Direct linking to the images is not going to work:

I doubled-checked old quads of Newburyport and can't find a Beverage.  
If I were to put a Beverage somewhere in Newburyport I'd put it in the  
big flat pasture west of Parker Street. The eastern half of that has  
been developed into an industrial park since 1970.

Alexander Svirsky

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