Coverage of Whitey Bulger's capture?

Thu Jun 23 05:30:19 EDT 2011

WBZ (AM) was all over the story beginning (I believe Steve LeVeille 
said) at 12:15AM EDT, when they broke into a COMMERCIAL to read the 
headline. I tuned in at around 2:30AM and Joe Mathieu, the AM-drive 
news anchor, had come in early to cover it. Actualities included an 
interview by Mathieu of a guy (last name: Burstein) from the Boston 
FBI office. You can't fault New England's only all-news station for 
its coverage of this story!

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> Sean asked--
>> In these days of nonexistent newsrooms, will anyone cover this 
>> before daybreak? Wish I were back in Boston right now, because I'd 
>> love to see/hear the TV/radio coverage.
> Steve Leveille of WBZ Radio is talking about it and taking calls 
> right now.

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