Has Hot 97 (at 87.7) been raided?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 21:26:01 EDT 2011

I did a search on facebook and typed in Hot 97 Boston and went to the
one that says "Radio station", and "8200 people like this"--think
that's the one. I won't link it here but search should get you there
(and you may have to be a facebook user for it to show up). I'll add
that facebook also has a page entitled "HOT 97 NEEDS TO BE IN BOSTON
CAUSE JAMN 94.5 PLAYS THE SAME (expletive expletive)!" (only
expletives aren't deleted...)

On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 7:49 PM, Don <Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Which one is their official Facebook page?
> I saw a few...and they all looked as if they were still on the air?

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